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What Our Customers Are Saying

"I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how impressed I was with the service I received last week. …your team members were extremely courteous… the personal note along with a bottle of water topped the service list. Thank you for the great service and I've already recommended you to several of my colleagues."  
~ M.L. D.

"I used your service for the first time yesterday when I couldn't find a parking spot in the C terminal at DFW. It was so great, especially when I got home at midnight and had the car waiting with a bottle of water inside. I'm just sorry I haven't used your service before!"  
~ Therese C

"… we LOVED the service. Our valet was right there when I left and helped me with bags and right there to meet us on our return. Such great attitudes and so helpful. I am telling all our friends about it!!"  
~ Cheri and Pat S.

"Just wanted to let you know that your service is great! I was amazed that on Sunday your rep called me within a minute of American informing me that my flight was cancelled. Needless to say you are exceeding my expectations."  
~ John S.

"I just wanted to say that I LOVE this service. I am completely happy and satisfied. You have taken my "fear of flying" away...I will never again have to worry about finding a parking spot or remembering where I parked my car!! …everyone needs to be a little spoiled....thank you!!"  
~ Kathy C

"Your employees that serviced my recent trip out of DFW were outstanding. They could not have made my parking arrangements and gate arrival/departure any easier. They were professional, courteous, and extremely helpful with all my questions and a time change. In addition....much to my surprise, I found a bottle of water and a "Thank You" card on my steering wheel when I entered my car....what a nice welcome home packet! I would like to thank you for creating The Airport Valet and including employees that offer the customer service everyone deserves."  
~ Donna Y. P.

"The service was excellent and the drivers most helpful. You have changed the way I will forever park at the airport and made the beginning and end of every trip much more convenient. Good job."  
~ Richard S.

"Wow! I feel compelled to express my appreciation to you and your staff for the wonderful service you provide. … the valet was very kind and quickly calmed my nerves by explaining the service provided by The Airport Valet. I was quickly on my way… On my return, as promised, a polite young man was waiting for me. I felt rather special seeing my name as I came through baggage claim. As if on queue, my luggage was just rounding the corner on the baggage belt and we were on our way. I just want to thank you for an excellent service, excellent staff…"  
~ Ann P.

"…I have been using The Airport Valet for the last couple of months and I just wanted to congratulate you finding and filling a huge niche. I absolutely love your service and all your folks have just been great. I have told everyone I know about the service."  
~ Buzz S.

"…I am met at the right place with directions on a text message and I get a cold bottle of water, nice touch. …today I return and once again I had itinerary changes. I changed my flight online, that new flight then got delayed by an hour but you tracked it sent me a text message and your guy was there to meet me right on schedule. Great treat having that bottle of water again."  
~ Nigel W.

"The Airport Valet is hands down the best way to park at DFW Airport. They are fast, convenient, and always get it right. Thanks for this great service. Now I can spend more time on the important things rather than driving around a full parking garage."  
~ Mark B.

"I was tired of loading my kids in the car just to take my husband to the airport. He is so busy with work that he is always pushing it right to the last minute when he leaves. Now, with The Airport Valet, I don't have to fight traffic or the kids and when my husband leaves, he's not in a panic. This is so much better for us all. Thank you for taking care of us."  
~ Jennifer S.